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Sculpted by C Fitness believes in helping people of all ages to live a healthy lifestyle. With healthy eating, workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advance levels, sculpted by c fitness will have you sculpted in no time. You can choose from different workout plans that fit your schedule. My ultimate goal is for you to feel great and confident about yourself.




Hey, I'm Courtney and I am ready to help you reach your fitness goals. I have always wanted to change people's life for the better and fitness has been a way for me to do that, I love helping people get the results they want. With confidence, commitment and consistency, you can get the healthy body you always wanted. Now lets get sculpted. 


Ashley, Orlando

I highly recommend Courtney if you are looking for a personal trainer. My schedule was hectic and I found time to fit in our sessions 2-3 times a week. Her sessions are affordable and she pushed me through each one. Most people get deterred from working out at home or working out virtually because they feel they won't get the same meaningful experience but Courtney challenged me! I started to see results. She listened to what my limitations were and she created modifications that I could do. I'm grateful for my results and look forward to my workout sessions each week!

Adobi, Atlanta

I really loved training with Courtney! She is the type of trainer who pushes you to your highest potential during a workout, so you can get the best results. She helped me target so many muscles in a short period.

Elizabeth, New York City

I trained with Courtney for a long time, I liked her so much I introduced her to my sister who also trained with her, she is an excellent trainer who challenged me and corrected my form to prevent injuries and helped me tremendously. I've learned much from her regarding movement fitness and balance.

Aisha, Chicago

My experience initially I wanted to quit in the middle of our first workout together because physically and mentally I wasn't ready for the work, however, Courtney was very patient and kept encouraging me to push through. I encouraged my friends and family to do her workouts. Overall I enjoyed it.

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Sculpted by C

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